Friday, May 29, 2015


I will soon be traveling to Charleston to visit a dear friend.  Our plans include touring southern homes, shopping, laughing and drinking wine...not necessarily in that order:

Will you please buy this and wear it for both of us?  You know of my admiration and love for anything and everything tulle:

Already reserved this at the local library; thinking its similar to the Bravo channel but in book form:

Speaking of some of my fave television shows such as Meet the Press, 60 Minutes and pretty much everything on Bravo, this is my current viewing obsession, SOUTHERN CHARM:

Monday, May 25, 2015


Happy Memorial Day.  I hope all  of us are keeping in mind the thanks we owe to the brave men and women who have served our country.

I happened to speak with my wonderful neighbor and friend, Mary, this afternoon.  Shared with her a fun experience last weekend at a panel and book launching by one of my favorite authors, Jen Lancaster.  Jen (as her good friends, such as myself, like to call her) asked each attendee to write on a piece of paper one item on their bucket list.  I have MANY MANY MANY on my list; visit Paris, visit Italy, visit Maine,  stay at a beach side cottage for a week with cute restaurants/shopping nearby and lots of time to read and drink pretty cocktails under an umbrella, start a Bravo night with friends who are also serious about their television watching habits, etc etc etc.  After briefly scanning this long list it was difficult to pick just one and commit to it.  However I choose to write  "Have wine with Jen Lancaster" because 1.  It could happen that exact day  2.  I wanted her to know what a fan I was (my 2 BFFs who were with me...used the phrase "stalker" but...not at all the case in my mind) .  Guess what???  My card was picked,.  Jen filled up my glass with wine and we was amazing and fun and something I will always remember.

This brings me to a conclusion I recently recognized about Bucket Lists.  We  have items we can actually MAKE HAPPEN as well as items we can dream about that COULD happen.  It is important to write all of your dreams down and be honest with yourself about which category each one falls into.  Obviously I want to spend a week in Lake Forest hanging out with Jen and her husband Fletch but really don't have much control over that invitation coming my way, but its still on my list.   Wine with Jen at an event, DONE!!!  Learning to drive to Chicago alone and being able to spend time doing what I want to do, DONE!   Starting a book club with good friends, DONE, still going strong 14 years plus.  I still haven't been abroad but who knows, it could happen.  It may depend on how important that goal is to me and how willing I am to work towards it/save money and be creative in ways to get there.

I would love to hear about your bucket list items; those you have made happen and those you are working towards. Please share in the comment section below.

Friday, May 22, 2015


Happy Memorial Day weekend.  Finally the sun has come out and I am looking forward to lots of time out on the deck.

I went to see this documentary earlier in the week and highly recommend:

While we are dabbling in the land of France, just started this book:
I will report back if its worth your time to read.


While in Chicago last week, my husband and I had a fabulous dinner at Le Colonial and I tasted a delicious martini, below is the recipe, ENJOY:
15ml Chambord liqueur
50ml Finlandia® vodka
60ml fresh pineapple juice
Raspberry or a lemon twist to garnish
Handful of ice
Pour the Chambord, vodka and pineapple juice in a shaker.
Add ice and shake like a tambourine. Strain into martini glass.
Top with a raspberry. Or a lemon twist.
As you like.

What are you weekend plans?  Please share in the comment section below:

Monday, May 18, 2015


Hello all, its been a long time since my last post.  I needed to take a break away for awhile to be re-energized and full of new ideas to share with all of you.  I hope you will read the blog, comment, ask questions and share helpful information you have with all of us.

I recently read a blog post from Angie's blog about maxi skirts and dresses.  They continue to be a strong fashion statement year after year, season after season.  Last spring I slipped on my solid black maxi skirt and top and for some reason thought I looked like a looks only trust me on this...I am definitely not holy enough to compare myself in any other way.  So..back to the topic at hand (I may tend to ramble a bit, if you haven't noticed....).  In this post Angie explains that solid columns of long skirts and dresses give the appearance of a uni-leg...that they need to have a dip or a slit or anything that would break up this solid color mass.  Ahhh.....that is it...that is why something felt off but I couldn't articulate what "that" was.  After you read the article and view the photos, please share your thoughts on this VERY IMPORTANT topic in the comments section  at the end of this post

What are some other big summer trends this season?  I am seeing denim and chambray EVERYWHERE...dresses, skirts, rompers, jackets, shirts, pretty much every article of clothing and/or accessory.  Do you know the difference between chambray and denim?  Well, thank goodness for google and the ability to cut/paste this easy explanation of the two:

While chambray and denim  are often confused for one another, they’re not exactly the same fabric. A chambray is a plain weave fabric woven with a colored yarn in the warp and a white yarn in the weft. Like chambray, denim is made with a colored yarn in the warp and white in the weft, but is woven in a twill construction. The chambray’s warp and weft threads will alternate one over the other, while denim’s warp thread will go over two threads in the weft before going under one. Typically, you will notice a lighter color to the underside of a denim fabric, whereas the underside of chambray will appear much more similar to its face side. 

Other fashion items still going strong in the summer of 2015 are Birkenstocks, Gladiator shoes, midi skirts, handkerchief hems on both skirts and dresses and hair that is left loose and wavy.

Its good to be back.  I love discussing fashion, books, food and restaurants, movies, blogs (I may have a few I read..ahem...well more than a few what but do numbers really mean in the end??? ) and look forward to sharing all with you.

I leave you with this fancy thought: