Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Feeling comfortable with your own unique style:

Fashion Trends vs Fads vs Classics, when is it time to let it go?

For those who love scarves and finding new ways to wear them:

This has absolutely nothing to do with fashion, well maybe it does....good style.  I was introduced to this author by a student I worked with a long time ago.  Sharon is her aunt and she thought I would enjoy reading her.......this student knew me well, these columns have made me smile often, tear up occasionally and always make me think about my life and the people I love. http://www.dailyrepublic.com/author/srandall/

Monday, November 26, 2012


Since its almost December I thought it might be both fun and informative for us to share our shopping "secrets."  Here are 7 of my shopping secrets to help you save money, just in time for the holidays!

1. Check retailmenot.com for coupons or codes for a percentage off and/or free shipping. 

2. Amazon does not charge tax nor a shipping fee if the purchase is from Amazon itself and over $25.00. 

3. Many stores offer discounts to both students and educators with a valid school I.D. (J.Crew allows 15% and Ann Taylor 20% off a full price purchase).

4. Nordstroms and Zappos offer both free shipping and free returns. 

5. Pricegrabber.com is a site that allows you compare prices from vendors for a specific item. 

6. Shopstyle.com not only compares prices but will also give you the option of a general search for i.e. cardigan but also allow you to type in criteria such as size and color.

7. Bed, Bath and Beyond, Nordstroms and onlineshoes.com will match competitor's prices if you provide documentation of the lower price.
Please share your best shopping secrets in the comments!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I have decided to introduce a new feature on the blog beginning this week.  I will link you to interesting articles or other blog posts that I think you will enjoy.  Hopefully you will enjoy reading these articles and I can now rationalize why I spend/waste so much time reading about fashion, style, decorating and entertaining on line. 

Some good ideas on simple things you can do to update your  appearance:

Great storage ideas:

For my "crafty" friends, great ideas on gifts you can make

How to accessorize a LBD (little black dress) for the holidays:

Great blog ideas for home decorating at a less expensive price point:

One of my favorite decorating blogs; its like having a hot cup of tea on a cold winter morning, peaceful and inspiring:

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  It makes my heart smile to know I get to spend time with my entire family, I hope the same for all of you.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


No theme this week, just a few things I love.

I just treated myself to this wallet.  It is great for storing daily items like work ID, credit cards, money and phone.  The outside zipper makes it feel extra secure.  Great for throwing into my tote and off to work I go:
Bloomingdales has this Tory Burch Iphone wallet    

 Comfy and cuter than than they look in the photo...
Munro booties from zappos.com    

Love this champagne.
Barefoot Bubbly Sparkling Pinot Grigio    

The Irish are undefeated...soon to be 11-0 after beating Wake Forest on Saturday

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


No I do not have actual plumbing problems in my closet, at least not the type of problems one calls a plumber for.  Closet clogs in my world refers to the amount of clothing I hold on to but hardly if ever wear....they clog my closet and affect my ability to see what I own and can/might actually wear.

Last Sunday I was so overwhelmed by closet clogs I went through each item hanger by hanger.  A lot went into my car and off to the donation box THAT day so there was no chance to carry these items back in during a weak moment.  Items that probably should have also been donated at this time but were not (for reasons such as telling myself I will fit into them soon or I  paid way too much  to just toss) went into a large plastic bin from Target.  If I then find myself pulling an item back out and not just trying it on but actually wearing it, then maybe that item will own its own hanger again.  If within a reasonable amount of time that does not happen, I will develop a fashion backbone and take the contents of the bin to a donation box.

This morning I discovered a cardigan and dress that go well together.  I have never even noticed this option because of my former closet clogs.  Now I have what feels like a totally new outfit without spending a cent.  It honestly is a very liberating action and one i urge you to try.

Sunday, November 4, 2012


The holidays are almost upon us and having one or two new wardrobe pieces to wear when seeing family and friends always makes me smile.  Here are a some things that I love.  Not only can you wear them over the holidays but they will carry you through the upcoming season too:

Tory Burch Amanda bag from Saks.  As much as I love fun and bright colored handbags, for me an investment bag such as this should be in a color that goes with many items in my wardrobe, one I will not get tired of and also coordinates with many things I already own:

I  LOVE Spanx tights and am having fun wearing
the charcoal color...not only does the color go with pretty much everything
but it also makes your shoes or boots pop.

I just purchased this scarf from Anthropologie and am finding multiple ways of wearing it.  It can go over my winter coat but also over a jacket at work.
A beautiful wool and cashmere scarf is timeless.  It can be worn over a coat to add a pop of color, around your shoulders to ward off chilly winds or to tie together several colors in an outfit.
What is on your wishlist for the coming holiday season?