Thursday, September 26, 2013


How many times have we been in a dressing room and uttered at least one of these phrases (RATIONALIZATIONS) if not multiple ones?

Helpful post from Angie at youlookfab on winter "must haves":

Sharon Randall's columns ALWAYS touch my heart:

Need some decorating/cooking/wardrobe inspiration?  Here you go:

Just a few thoughts that I hope make you smile:

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Are you as tired as I am of summer clothes?  Ready for sweaters and jackets (in other words...arm coverage?)?  Love the thought of no more tanning lotion?  Ladies, its time for fall.  Here are some quick ideas to help turn your summer lovelies into fall looks:

Blue Jean Jackets - I love throwing a good jean jacket over everything.  I especially like mixing the men's wear look with lace and/or a few (yes...a FEW) ruffles.
JCrew jean jacket

Black Tights - Everyone should have at least 2 good pairs of opaque tights in their closet. Black tights look good on EVERYONE and coupled with black shoes or boots give a long and lean look (no additional explanation necessary).

Cardigans  - Some people seem to  accumulate (will not name names here) cardis in every color of the rainbow.  I love to see unexpected colors together (black and navy, orange and pink).  You can button up your cardigan (with the buttons in the front or back...honest, you can) and tuck it into a skirt, you can leave it unbuttoned and wear it over a shirt or tee or tie it preppy style over your shoulders for a peek of color.  Such fun!

Scarves - Look for darker colors, maybe a print.  I myself rarely wear scarves in the summer...just too warm.  However come fall, I am a scarf queen (or so you would think given the number of scarves I own).

Lip Color - There is no rule that says you cannot wear your glossy pink lip tint once the leaves begin to fall.  However this is a good time to explore some pretty colors like plum and deep berry hues in a matte formula.  You could even take a fashion risk and try bright red lipstick.  Just remember that red lipstick is not red need to shop around to find the one that is right for you (hmmm, maybe a life lesson here too).

Boots - -Do you own booties?  If not, please run out as soon as you finish this post and join the current fashion season.  Booties have and continue to be EVERYWHERE this season.  Trust me when I say black booties paired with black tights will take you anywhere and everywhere.  They look adorable with jeans (even boyfriend jeans), skirts and dresses as well as dress pants.

What are your favorite transition pieces?

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


I have shared with you all (probably way too often) my multiple shoe safaris. This past weekend as I was planning my outfit around which shoes I own and could wear it occurred to me how many fashion fantasies I have:

1.  Well made leather shoes that offer comfort, style and priced under $200.00  Same for boots but will consider (MAYBE, have never paid that much for anything that covers my feet) a limit of $300.00.

2.  Shapewear that is pretty, comfortable and does what it claims to do (need I say more?). If you don't know what I am referring to then you probably have never purchased nor worn shape wear and you can skip over this part of the post.

3.  Speaking of shape wear, could I please find one person who actually knows how to fit a bra?  Every magazine article and television show (i.e.What Not to Wear, etc) goes on and on about how the correct fit takes years and pounds off, basically changing your life.  So...where are these miracle workers?  I have gone to many stores and never met such a person...if you have, please give me contact information in the comments section below.

4.  Perfect black pants that are seasonless.

5.  Tunic tops that cover the top of thighs, are under $125.00 (again chocking here at the price but if its perfect then perhaps it is worth the cost) and offer both style and shape.   I am so over big loose tops that do nothing to flatter a woman's curves and look like I stuck my head and arms thru a garbage bag.

6.  Colorful, warm and pretty winter coats.  I live in the midwest and winter coats are worn from late October thru March or April.  That is a LONG time to look at an article of clothing day after day.  Walk into any store and look at the coats; almost every single one is black, grey or brown.  I totally agree we all need a basic black coat but couldn't I please also have a beautiful blue or green coat too? While we are on the coat topic, let me also see in my fashion dreams coats that actually come to one's knee.  I am not a fan of 3/4 length coats over dresses and skirts ( I feel like they need to coordinate if they "show' and I do not have the wardrobe to do this).

7.  A beautiful coordinated coat/dress ensemble (channeling Michelle Obama here)

8. One store, just one (that cannot possible be asking too much in this world) that sells beautiful, reasonably priced and stylish clothing geared towards women over 40. 

9.  No judgement on WISE shoppers who do not rush home, tear off clothing tags but instead let the item(s) live in their closets for awhile and then decide if they wish to keep it or return it.  

I would love to hear your fashion fantasies as well as any fashion dreams that have come true for you.

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Thinking of a new hairstyle for fall? Wondering what style is most flattering  based on face shape?

StyleCaster helps us discover our best colors (good to know when picking up a few foundation pieces for your fall wardrobe)

What woman does not stress over the size on a clothing label?  Angie from the blog You Look Fab shares her experience as a personal stylist:

Christine Quinn's thoughts on the whole "Lean in" topic:

One final and very important piece of advice: