Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 WRAP UP

I thought it might be an interesting exercise to look back at 2013 in terms of fashion.  What worked and what did not?  Which stores hit it out of the ballpark and who never left the gate?   Fave new hair and beauty products?

In the past year several new trends have caught my eye.  Faux fur is everywhere :
Plaid shirts are so versatile, wear the alone in a half tuck with jeans or tuck one into a skirt layered with a jacket or sweater.  

Another favorite trend for me has been daytime sparkle whether its in a necklace,  a shirt or even better, both:

It goes without saying Anthropologie again won my heart as well as my pocketbook this past year.  Other stores that I think did a nice job balancing fashion trends with affordability and wearable style would be JCrew and Zara.  Continuing to disappoint me are Macys (DO NOT even get me started on the topic of Macys and my extreme dislike for them), Gap and Banana Republic.  It used to be one could count on Gap and BR for  quality wardrobe basics ( both these stores are owned by the same parent company that also owns Piper Lime, Althea, Old Navy and Terrain).  I now am more shocked to find something I like and want to purchase at their stores than disappointed that they are barely even on my shopping radar anymore. 

Finally some of my favorite makeup and hair products have been, in no particular order:
OPI Tickle my Francy nail polish
Bobbi Brown long wear eyeliner pencil
Tarte self tanner
MAC lipstick in Twig
Jonathan Dirt Texturizing Paste
Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder
Rimmel Fix and Perfect Primer

I would love to know about your hits and misses this year in fashion, beauty as well as any other categories you are willing to share with all of us in the comment section below.



Friday, December 20, 2013


Do I need this???  I think I might, especially if Zara continues to reduce the price.  You might be asking yourself where one would wear a faux fur leopard wrap??  EVERYWHERE
 My favorite Christmas CD:

I just ordered this to wear on New Years Eve over a black dress or black pants, depending on the weather.  I waited  and waited for it to go on sale. Immediately it sold out in all sizes but small.  Did I give up?  Of course not,!  A quick call to Customer Service.  I was told there was perhaps one left in the entire country in the San Diego Anthropologie.  Victory!  It is now on its way to having a new home in my closet, to be adored:

Thank you Bravo TV for bring Courtney Loves Dallas into my world.  She greets her clothes each morning ,"Hello Girls" and discussing what the look of the day will cute.

Saturday, December 14, 2013


As regular readers know, my shopping related Happy Place is Anthropologie.  Today's post will share some favorites from there.

I have Christmas dishes but I don't have THESE Christmas dishes:

These candlesticks are new and absolutely beautiful:

Maybe I can satisfy my tulle obsession with a pretty "at home" chemise:

Glittering flatware…the name just makes me happy (the price not so much):

This coat DESERVES a party to attend:

Friday, December 6, 2013


Lets play a fun Friday Fancies game this morning…if money was not a consideration (it is, this is simply a game) what would be on my list?

A Michelle watch, not sure if I would choose gold or silver…wait if money isn't an issue, one of each please…

It goes without saying that a classic Chanel bag is at the top of the list:

A trip to Italy (and Paris and Greece…the list goes on and on)

No photos for this item  but wish I had been gifted with a musical or artistic ability  I think having this way of expression must be a source of constant exploration and satisfaction

Finally I wish I could always be the best wife, mother (to all of my adult children) and friend to the people I love.  Actually skip the Chanel handbag being on top of the list, this wish definitely is closest to my heart and most important to me.

I would love to know what is on your wish list…please go to this link  and then click on the comments section at the end of the blog post.  

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


I opened my closet door this morning to decide which of the 4 tunic tops I own should be paired with either my one pair of black pants or black leggings and the world's ugliest black athletic shoes.  After trying on several combinations (with a sweater over each one) I threw caution to the wind.  I choose to wear black leggings with a black dress and a fur scarf that I can tie in a bow.  In my car, listening to Christmas music I felt happy and realized just how much my clothing affects my emotions.  So today's post is going to list some fashion/cosmetic related items that make me smile:

Flattering shade of lipstick
Faux fur accessories

Statement jewelry
The color pink
Fabulous shoes
Anything Chanel (well I own nothing Chanel but am sure it would put a smile on my face 24/7 FOREVER)
Colorful and pretty winter coats

Good hair days
Leopard Print
Tory Burch handbags
Pretty robes
and I have saved the best for last:  TULLE (hahahaha)

Please share in the comments below some items that put a smile on your face.