Friday, December 20, 2013


Do I need this???  I think I might, especially if Zara continues to reduce the price.  You might be asking yourself where one would wear a faux fur leopard wrap??  EVERYWHERE
 My favorite Christmas CD:

I just ordered this to wear on New Years Eve over a black dress or black pants, depending on the weather.  I waited  and waited for it to go on sale. Immediately it sold out in all sizes but small.  Did I give up?  Of course not,!  A quick call to Customer Service.  I was told there was perhaps one left in the entire country in the San Diego Anthropologie.  Victory!  It is now on its way to having a new home in my closet, to be adored:

Thank you Bravo TV for bring Courtney Loves Dallas into my world.  She greets her clothes each morning ,"Hello Girls" and discussing what the look of the day will cute.

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