Thursday, February 28, 2013


Great list of 100 sites for women.  Some of these are already on my Bloglovin list but happy to discover some new ones:

Angie from You Look Fab blogs about prioritizing your shopping list (You have such a list do you not????)

Did you know that Pottery Barn has a blog?  Great source for decorating ideas:

I wish all of us would be kinder to ourselves and this article gives great ideas on to do so:

Another helpful post from Angie at her blog You Look Fab. She critiques shapewear from Nordstroms:

Monday, February 25, 2013


Are you familiar with this fashion term and look?  Color Blocking refers to putting contrasting but complementary colors together in one outfit.  In my own wardrobe pairings I have had a lot of fun putting together unexpected colors and on these grey winter days a pop of color cheers me up.    
The Budget Fashionista blog put together this list of colors that would meet the above criteria:
  • Cobalt BlueYellowOrange
  • Chocolate BrownPink, Peach
  • PurpleBright Blue, Teal
  • Deep bluebright pink, White
  • Coral, Grey, Ivory
  • Style Prompt's blog shared this color wheel and a few of her thoughts on this trend:
    Color Wheel for Colorblocking Trend
    "The most popular theory for combining colors is called the rule of two-thirds. How you achieve the rule of two-thirds starts by making an equilateral triangle (a triangle with 3 equal sides) on the color wheel. In it’s most basic form, the points at the ends of this triangle will be touching either red-blue-yellow or orange-green-purple. From there, you pick two of the three colors that the triangle touches. These colors will almost always harmonize together beautifully."

    Sunday, February 24, 2013


    A classic skirt from JCrew in a pretty spring color:

    Love this JCrew necklace and think I NEED it.  Don't you agree that it would go with everything in my closet?

    Two of my favorite people combined in this bracelet from Kate Spade, I give you the Goreski bangle available at Nordstroms and

    I am so excited to watch tonight's Red Carpet coverage on E, will you also be watching?

    Wednesday, February 13, 2013


    Love reading the Street Style column in the NY Times and found this article about Bill Cunningham charming:

    I certainly would struggle with what to wear to an interview with Anna Wintour, editor of Vogue:

    The fit of our clothes is so important and this article explains key points along with a picture to illustrate the point:

    Do you wish you knew how to accessorize? Here are some ideas on where to begin:

    This blog will keep you up to date on all Target news:

    Hope you all have a happy Valentine's Day and get to spend time with special people in your life.

    Thursday, February 7, 2013


    The blog world is buzzing over this new JCrew necklace.  No one loves statement pieces more than me but not sure if this one might be a  bit too much of a statement, what do you think?

     Love this perfume:

    Love this perfume too:

    My favorite city, love CHICAGO!

    Monday, February 4, 2013


    Thru trial and error I have discovered several favorite beauty products I want to share with you.
    All these items can be purchased at Sephora and most major department stores.

    Givenchy Phenomen Eyes Mascara: The brush is so unique and well worth the high price of $30.00
    The round brush makes it easy to cover your lower lashes without smudging.

    Fresh Soy Cleanser: Can be used alone or with your Clarisonic.  Takes off both face and eye makeup.

    Bliss Youth As We Know It Moisturizer: Great product for the price point with multiple anti-aging properties:
    Givenchy Mr. Bright: I have discoloration under my eyes that has been impossible to cover, this does the job:

    Friday, February 1, 2013


    My love affair with tulle continues and pink tulle......need I say more?

    Kate Spade makes the cutest coats in the world and I pretty much want every single one, starting with this:

    Have began a collection of  vases from Anthropologie, such happy colors:

    As you might recall I have mentioned my love of anything monogrammed.  My sons bought me these monogrammed hooks and I think of them every time I put my keys there at night and retrieve them in the morning:

    Lela Rose beautiful: