Monday, February 25, 2013


Are you familiar with this fashion term and look?  Color Blocking refers to putting contrasting but complementary colors together in one outfit.  In my own wardrobe pairings I have had a lot of fun putting together unexpected colors and on these grey winter days a pop of color cheers me up.    
The Budget Fashionista blog put together this list of colors that would meet the above criteria:
  • Cobalt BlueYellowOrange
  • Chocolate BrownPink, Peach
  • PurpleBright Blue, Teal
  • Deep bluebright pink, White
  • Coral, Grey, Ivory
  • Style Prompt's blog shared this color wheel and a few of her thoughts on this trend:
    Color Wheel for Colorblocking Trend
    "The most popular theory for combining colors is called the rule of two-thirds. How you achieve the rule of two-thirds starts by making an equilateral triangle (a triangle with 3 equal sides) on the color wheel. In it’s most basic form, the points at the ends of this triangle will be touching either red-blue-yellow or orange-green-purple. From there, you pick two of the three colors that the triangle touches. These colors will almost always harmonize together beautifully."


    1. love this post nancy!!!!! it's so you & super fun!!!

      xo. c & v
      cake & valley

    2. What a fun way to do color blocking! Love the graphics :)

    3. Nancy - I love this post! And I love feeling like I'm talking to you as I read this blog. :)

      Love and miss you!