Friday, September 28, 2012


I am in the market for cute and comfy shoes, here are some options:
Wolky Dazzle,    

Own several pairs of Fidji shoes, avail at Nordstroms,
Ecco is great comfort line, avail. at Nordstroms
Kate Spade, of course.  Too cute not to share, unfortunately prob. not too comfy
Have a wonderful weekend.  Should a cute and comfy pair of shoes appear in my line of vision this weekend I will share them with you next week.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Are there really rules that govern what we wear and when we wear it?  Someone asked me a few weeks ago if they could wear an article of clothing that is primarily white in the fall?  This individual also wondered if they could carry a laptop bag that is a white floral fabric?  I think my rule of thumb (in no way do I think I am an expert nor would presume that my “rules” apply to anyone else) is I wear what I feel comfortable in.  For me that means something that is warm or cool enough (depending on the season) as well as flattering and applicable to the environment I will be in.  For example, I wear a white button down shirt 12 months per year.  The way I wear that shirt could vary whether it is in May (sleeves rolled up with ankle cropped pants) vs November (under a jacket with a skirt/tights and boots).  Would I wear a white cotton jacket once fall comes?  Probably not. For me, the light weight material is more comfortable in warm weather and doesn’t really coordinate well with heavier pants/skirts/dresses.   Another fashion rule I have been asked about is that we have our work clothes and our “dressy” clothes and can they be combined into one outfit and if so, how?  A very good friend of mine bought a beautiful red and white floral dress in a soft crepe fabric.  She wore it in early September to a wedding rehearsal dinner with sparkly jewelry and strappy sandals.  The next time I saw her in this dress she had on cute flats, a jean jacket over the red floral dress and chunky jewelry to give the dress a more casual look. 

I think we all need a few dressy/party/fun things in our closet.  However I also think the occasions to wear true “party wear” are becoming less and less prevalent as society as a whole dresses more casually in every environment, from work to school.  Therefore if we can find ways to dress down some items in our closet we definitely are utilizing the CPW (cost per wear) philosophy.  Besides a jean jacket or different jewelry I think the following wardrobe pieces be worn interchangeably with the majority of our clothing items to dress them up or dress them down:
1.  Shoes and boots
2.  Scarves
3.  Sweaters; both pullovers and cardigans
4.  Tights

Do you have any fashion rules you have questioned and if so, what are those rules and how did you resolve your thoughts on the topic? 

Friday, September 21, 2012


I was in Chicago yesterday.  It was a perfect day.  Lunch with one son and a 2 hour car ride home with our other son.  It doesn't get better than that.  As I walked down Michigan Avenue and enjoyed the beautiful fall weather I decided to make this week's Fancies some of the places I love in the city.

Dining at new restaurants.  Piccolo Sogno is a favorite of our entire family. We have celebrated my last 2 birthdays in their outdoor garden with beautiful flowers, twinkling white lights and amazing food. 

Exploring new neighborhoods like Wicker Park and Lincoln Square:

Museums, art galleries, theater:

Best of all, time with the people I love in a city I love.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Anyone who knows me well, knows the subject of returns is near and dear to my heart.  I shop A LOT but do not necessarily purchase many things.  When I do make a purchase it generally sits in my closet for minimum of a week and often a month (or two and if I am being honest, three on occasion)  before the tags ever come off.  My receipts are neatly organized by store in an expandable paper file folder.  I confess that I am a frequent returner but an honest returner.  Everything I take back has never been worn or used, I have the proper receipts and always stay within the allotted time for said return.

I literally shudder at the thought of someone ripping tags off immediately after purchasing an item and am amazed at shoppers who wear new items the moment they get them.  I like to live with my new purchases for a while.  I can assess how much I truly love the new item and does it coordinate with other pieces in my closet?  Are there other things I want and or need more than this new purchase? Is it likely to go on sale soon and if so, could I then get a price adjustment and save some money (which then allows me to contemplate another purchase and yes it is a vicious cycle).
There have been a few times, very few, when I just knew the new dress or handbag or whatever was absolutely perfect and wore it within a few days.   Have I ever regretted that rash action?  Of course I have and therefore try to learn from past mistakes and misjudgments.   Honestly it is always nice to have one or two items in my closet that I can return should I be wavering and a new crush appears in my line of vision while shopping.

Am I the only person who follows this shopping philosophy?  Do you have any shopping stories you can share?  Remember that on the comment section below you can share these deep dark shopping secrets as an anonymous contributor.  A certain someone I know should comment on her various "disguises" she uses (sunglasses, hair style, etc) in hopes the clerks at her fave store won't recognize her as one of their frequent but honest returners.

Friday, September 14, 2012


Will be enjoying all of these faves while watching ND beat Michigan State:
Turning on the fireplace

Soups in a slow cooker

Anthropologic Capri Blue Candle       

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


My closet is full, not stuffed but definitely full of some wonderful and even more not so wonderful pieces.  How did this happen?  Let me explain and tell me if this happens to you.  I am in a store and the moment I spot the sale and clearance section, I immediately zoom to those racks first.  The larger the discount the more attractive the clothing appears to me (in the moment).  My rationalization to myself when the jacket or skirt or whatever doesn't exactly fit or isn't the most flattering color or doesn't go with anything else I already own is that it is such a fabulous deal that I can always wear it around the house if nothing else.  Do I in fact wear the item out of the house? Of course not because when I get dressed I ask myself the following question:  

 1.  If I ran into an old boyfriend or the "mean" girl from high school and had this article of  clothing on...would I walk up to that person and say hello or would I slink out a side door?  If the answer is I would slink out then I should not wear it (which tells me I should never have purchased it to begin with).

Starting right now one of my fashion resolutions is to only buy clothing I feel fabulous in, would be willing to buy at full price and have at least 2 items in my closet it can be paired with. Oh yes....its also needs to be something I would never slink out a side door in.

What are your fashion resolutions?

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I spent a lot of time in the car this weekend.  It provided the perfect opportunity to look at the September issues of Vogue, In Style and Elle to name a few.  As I have mentioned in previous posts I love looking at all of these magazines and trying to interrupt the themes, how these "looks" can be worked into my wardrobe.  It was especially fun this year because I knew I would be sharing my observations with all of you on this blog.

Brocade (especially gold brocade) will be everywhere from pants to jackets to peplum tops.  The first store I thought of for this trend was Zara:

Navy will be very predominant and can easily substitute for everyone's go to black item (I like to pair black and navy together).  This is a beautiful navy lace dress from Nordstroms:

Clean lines and bright clear colors in coats are a welcome change from the basic black or grey we often see.  Winter is dreary enough so having a fun happy colored coat to put on every morning would be a great way to start your day.
A classic JCrew coat:

Riding boots are again not only practical but very chic.  I could be quite happy with these beautiful Tory Burch boots on the Nordstroms website:

Leather is everywhere this season and provides an instant update to your closet.  Pick one item only  (per outfit) be it a skirt or top or accessory.  Nordstroms's house brand, Halogen,  offers an inexpensive option that can be worn with skirts, jeans or pants:

Lots more clothes and accessories recommendations coming.  What is on your fall wish list?

Sunday, September 2, 2012


Sorry I am a few days late with this week's Fancies post. A family medical emergency had me out of town most of last week. Without further wait, here are some things I fancy:

I do not even care if I can walk in these, happy to just sit and let them be admired:

Who doesn't need one more pearl necklace?? I certainly do:

The only item Blair from the Atlantic Pacific blog and I can both wear:

Its been a VERY long week and I would be happy to enjoy any or all of these champagnes:

Hopefully life is now back to normal and I can post again soon.  I try to never forgot the blessings in my life but last week reminded me to appreciate every single moment I have with the people I love.