Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I spent a lot of time in the car this weekend.  It provided the perfect opportunity to look at the September issues of Vogue, In Style and Elle to name a few.  As I have mentioned in previous posts I love looking at all of these magazines and trying to interrupt the themes, how these "looks" can be worked into my wardrobe.  It was especially fun this year because I knew I would be sharing my observations with all of you on this blog.

Brocade (especially gold brocade) will be everywhere from pants to jackets to peplum tops.  The first store I thought of for this trend was Zara:

Navy will be very predominant and can easily substitute for everyone's go to black item (I like to pair black and navy together).  This is a beautiful navy lace dress from Nordstroms:

Clean lines and bright clear colors in coats are a welcome change from the basic black or grey we often see.  Winter is dreary enough so having a fun happy colored coat to put on every morning would be a great way to start your day.
A classic JCrew coat:

Riding boots are again not only practical but very chic.  I could be quite happy with these beautiful Tory Burch boots on the Nordstroms website:

Leather is everywhere this season and provides an instant update to your closet.  Pick one item only  (per outfit) be it a skirt or top or accessory.  Nordstroms's house brand, Halogen,  offers an inexpensive option that can be worn with skirts, jeans or pants:

Lots more clothes and accessories recommendations coming.  What is on your fall wish list?


  1. love those zara pants! i know where i'll be tomorrow on my lunch break.

    cake & valley

  2. You will look fabulous in those pants. What will you pair them with...wait.... what will you not pair them with????


  3. I like the pants but I must say, age appropriate?

  4. Good point that the examples I use should be geared to all my readers or i.e. how they might be worn by someone under 40 and also over 40. I myself would most likely only wear them if I had them paired with a long tunic top