Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Anyone who knows me well, knows the subject of returns is near and dear to my heart.  I shop A LOT but do not necessarily purchase many things.  When I do make a purchase it generally sits in my closet for minimum of a week and often a month (or two and if I am being honest, three on occasion)  before the tags ever come off.  My receipts are neatly organized by store in an expandable paper file folder.  I confess that I am a frequent returner but an honest returner.  Everything I take back has never been worn or used, I have the proper receipts and always stay within the allotted time for said return.

I literally shudder at the thought of someone ripping tags off immediately after purchasing an item and am amazed at shoppers who wear new items the moment they get them.  I like to live with my new purchases for a while.  I can assess how much I truly love the new item and does it coordinate with other pieces in my closet?  Are there other things I want and or need more than this new purchase? Is it likely to go on sale soon and if so, could I then get a price adjustment and save some money (which then allows me to contemplate another purchase and yes it is a vicious cycle).
There have been a few times, very few, when I just knew the new dress or handbag or whatever was absolutely perfect and wore it within a few days.   Have I ever regretted that rash action?  Of course I have and therefore try to learn from past mistakes and misjudgments.   Honestly it is always nice to have one or two items in my closet that I can return should I be wavering and a new crush appears in my line of vision while shopping.

Am I the only person who follows this shopping philosophy?  Do you have any shopping stories you can share?  Remember that on the comment section below you can share these deep dark shopping secrets as an anonymous contributor.  A certain someone I know should comment on her various "disguises" she uses (sunglasses, hair style, etc) in hopes the clerks at her fave store won't recognize her as one of their frequent but honest returners.


  1. this post is so you!!!!
    LOVE it. miss you.

    xo. c & v
    cake & valley

  2. I met a woman who purchased, ripped tags off and wore the next day. On top of it, she shopped at boutiques. I must've looked like I'd seen an alien when she told me that. She could see by the look on my face that I'm the complete opposite. For me one issue is that I don't completely trust my store judgement. I succumb to the lights & music and I know this about myself. So I have to take it home, let it sit in the closet and see if anything around it jumps to mind as a match. Once in awhile if something feels really good I will wear it the next day. I have stopped buying things while I'm out and changing into them because I usually bought them because I hated what I was wearing and never like the replacement the next day lol.

    1. Sounds like we think alike on this topic.

  3. I return things often as well. I used to feel guilty, but now I don't care because if I'm not going to wear it and it's not worth the money, it's not for me! The Kozlow ladies love Nordstrom for that exact reason, because they welcome returns, don't make you feel awkward or guilty, and will always help you if you need something different. I can't say enough great things about the service at Nordstrom! You should hear Leigh Kozlow stories about returns. I'll try to get her to post!

  4. "I literally shudder at the thought of someone ripping tags off immediately after purchasing an item and am amazed at shoppers who wear new items the moment they get them. " Hahaha I love you. And I have to admit I tear too early. And can sometimes over buy. You have inspired me to return that shirt from Anthro that is just not work appropriate.

  5. Nancy, I've just discovered your blog and have been reading all of your old posts! How fun... it makes me miss you & our stugov office chats that much more!

    I can totally relate to this because I just returned about a million things at Anthro. I always get sucked into the online sales, even though I know I need to try things on at the store (given my midget stature). But they were great about it, and now I have some extra funds for the after-Christmas sales... :)