Sunday, September 2, 2012


Sorry I am a few days late with this week's Fancies post. A family medical emergency had me out of town most of last week. Without further wait, here are some things I fancy:

I do not even care if I can walk in these, happy to just sit and let them be admired:

Who doesn't need one more pearl necklace?? I certainly do:

The only item Blair from the Atlantic Pacific blog and I can both wear:

Its been a VERY long week and I would be happy to enjoy any or all of these champagnes:

Hopefully life is now back to normal and I can post again soon.  I try to never forgot the blessings in my life but last week reminded me to appreciate every single moment I have with the people I love.  


  1. "hopefully life us back to normal". Amen!!!

  2. Nancy, hope everything is alright! Thinking about you :) All of the Kozlow ladies are talking about your great find in the Kate Spade shoes! I was thinking they would make fabulous wedding shoes, but Ann believes I would also need to buy them for both of my maids of honor (Claire and Leigh). No way!

    1. HI Liz-Just saw glad the Kozlow women love these shoes too. If you all approve then I feel like I made a good pick because everyone knows the fabulous taste of the women in your family.