Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Are there really rules that govern what we wear and when we wear it?  Someone asked me a few weeks ago if they could wear an article of clothing that is primarily white in the fall?  This individual also wondered if they could carry a laptop bag that is a white floral fabric?  I think my rule of thumb (in no way do I think I am an expert nor would presume that my “rules” apply to anyone else) is I wear what I feel comfortable in.  For me that means something that is warm or cool enough (depending on the season) as well as flattering and applicable to the environment I will be in.  For example, I wear a white button down shirt 12 months per year.  The way I wear that shirt could vary whether it is in May (sleeves rolled up with ankle cropped pants) vs November (under a jacket with a skirt/tights and boots).  Would I wear a white cotton jacket once fall comes?  Probably not. For me, the light weight material is more comfortable in warm weather and doesn’t really coordinate well with heavier pants/skirts/dresses.   Another fashion rule I have been asked about is that we have our work clothes and our “dressy” clothes and can they be combined into one outfit and if so, how?  A very good friend of mine bought a beautiful red and white floral dress in a soft crepe fabric.  She wore it in early September to a wedding rehearsal dinner with sparkly jewelry and strappy sandals.  The next time I saw her in this dress she had on cute flats, a jean jacket over the red floral dress and chunky jewelry to give the dress a more casual look. 

I think we all need a few dressy/party/fun things in our closet.  However I also think the occasions to wear true “party wear” are becoming less and less prevalent as society as a whole dresses more casually in every environment, from work to school.  Therefore if we can find ways to dress down some items in our closet we definitely are utilizing the CPW (cost per wear) philosophy.  Besides a jean jacket or different jewelry I think the following wardrobe pieces be worn interchangeably with the majority of our clothing items to dress them up or dress them down:
1.  Shoes and boots
2.  Scarves
3.  Sweaters; both pullovers and cardigans
4.  Tights

Do you have any fashion rules you have questioned and if so, what are those rules and how did you resolve your thoughts on the topic? 

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