Sunday, March 18, 2018


Lets get right down to business today on what I have recently fancied.

Of course I will lead off with a Chanel inspired jacket from one of my favorite stores...Anthropologie.  I always remind myself how fortunate I am that I am not 25 and a size 6 because then I would be in the poor house, overdressing every single day...(well that is pretty much my life now...the overdressing part) due to my Anthro addiction.  This can definitely be dressed up or dressed down and is absolutely a foundation piece of one's wardrobe: caption

If you have not read these books, please do so immediately.  Enchanting, charming and thought that is quite the recommendation, isn't it?  I don't think you will be disappointed:

Did you see any of the Oscar nominated films?  I saw a few and one of my favorites was Lady Bird:

Below is a trailer to whet your appetite.  A friend and I were discussing why this was such a popular film.  He commented that there is something in it that everyone can relate to.  Such a smart and true observation.  Its from Lionsgate ...need I say more to persuade you that its worth your time?

In closing a few thoughts to take you into the beginning of this week:

If you have read my blog in the past, you know Bill Cunningham has a special place in my heart:

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

FANCY NANCY IS....BACK..............

Hello all- I have missed you and have also missed blogging.  This week is the start of a new season,  New York Fashion Week has happened  and now we need to seriously discuss the foundation pieces of our spring wardrobe.  According to top stylists (Hello Brad G. and Rachel Z.  who as I understand it.... will not be sharing any conversations in the foreseeable future ...hmmmm) the following trends will be some to keep your stylish eyes on:

1.  Color- Bright crayola  or soothing sorbet...there is no in between.

2.  Draping-whether its a cowl neck,  a softly knotted or tucked hem of a garment; soft draping flatters most body types.

3.  Lace- is everywhere; shoes, bags, dresses.

Some fashion trends I hope to see forever disappear  include cold shoulders, ruffled sleeves and of course our yearly prayer that capris are never to be made/sold or resold ever again.  

In closing, could it really be a post from me without a few fashion quotes????
I think not.

Monday, June 20, 2016


As I shared in last week's post I was recently in Europe...oh my do I like to be able to drop that little phrase anytime and anywhere possible...HA HA.  It was my impression that women there dress in a more classic and conservative manner.  Most people live in smaller homes with less closet space.  Thus they generally own less clothing while finding  more creative ways to maximize their wardrobe.  Scarves seem to play a central role in their accessory collection.

You would think based on the number of scarves that are in my closet(s) (shhh...the other person in my household does need to be reminded I might have one or two closets full of VERY  important belongings) that I wear multiple scarves per day.  I feel like I run in scarf cycles...since this is a blog and not a piece of literature, I can make up words and phrases like scarf cycle, correct?  I may wear scarves for days on end and then all of sudden seem to forget such an item exists and not wear a single one for weeks.

I think several keys to maximizing scarf cycles...(see I used this new phrase twice in one far...) is to think outside of the box.  Instead of a cardigan why not a scarf tied like this?

Bow tie belt anyone?

I have worn a long thin scarf in a bow...although even for me this is a bit oversized:

How about wearing 2 coordinating but different scarves together...AT THE SAME TIME (take a fashion risk now and then)

Tie a scarf on the shoulder of your handbag to add a pop of color or pattern or both.

If you have any helpful suggestions on scarf tying or a favorite scarf you find yourself always pulling out because it goes with pretty much anything and everything in your closet, please share in the comments section below.

For a small smile before I close .....

Saturday, June 18, 2016

CATCHING UP.........

So its been awhile hasn't it?  Yes its been way too long. I missed blogging and most of all,  I missed all of you.  So, lets play catch up:

My most exciting news is that my husband and I traveled to Italy in celebration of our 35th wedding anniversary.  Neither of us have ever traveled to Europe so needless to say,  this was a BIG BIG DEAL.  After consulting with several friends who are well traveled along with  a highly recommended /experienced travel agent, we booked our 10 day tour through Insight Travel,  "The Country Roads of Tuscany and Umbria".  Our first afternoon/evening and the following morning was spent in Rome.  We had an opportunity to walk around the city a bit on the day of our arrival.  The following morning was a private tour of the Vatican and then we were off to Tuscany for 6 days.  It was magical, that is all I can say.  We visited Umbria, Lucca, Siena, San Gimignano, Perugia and ended in Venice.  Its impossible to pick a favorite place because each and every one was beautiful, charming and fascinating.  As everyone I have ever met or hope to meet has heard me say, its difficult to believe such a beautiful place exists in this world.  From the delicious food (gelato, pasta, pizza, seafood to highlight a few) to wine at a minimum of twice daily thank you very much, unbelievable architecture and art as well as the fabulous colors of the flowers, the layers of paint showing through on very old buildings colorful store windows with delicious desserts, scarves,  Italian pottery, etc one's senses came alive.  In closing, there is no more keeping this girl "down on the farm" ..I am already dreaming of my next trip abroad and it WILL HAPPEN!

I have a few fun new blogs for you to enjoy (as long as you promise to read mine):  I just discovered this fabulous read recently and am enjoying going back and looking at all of her posts...lots to enjoy and learn. I am not sure how I found this blog but LOVE her posts, they seriously make me laugh out loud, I want to be her BFF and hang out together.  Again, so so funny.  She tests products so we don't have to as well as sharing shopping hits and misses among many other vitally important topics.

New post up soon and I leave you with these words of wisdom:

Thursday, February 25, 2016


Happy Wednesday!

Did you know that Nordstroms has expanded their clothing subscription service, Trunk Club, to women's apparel?

NY Times list of 100 notable books from 2015:

This explains why I am not a fan of outlet malls that are mainly factory stores:

I love seeing street looks from Fashion Week:

Do you read the NY Times Modern Love column?  If not, you should.  You may now also enjoy the Modern Love Podcast:

Sunday, February 21, 2016


Are you a reader?  I have always considered myself to be, but it recently dawned on me that I spend more time on the computer and less time with my nose stuck in a good book.  Vowing to change that, I have made a real effort to read (books...People and Us Weekly do not count) and waste less time surfing the web and reading blogs.  I am in a wonderful book club.  We have been together for almost 19 years.  That seems almost impossible to comprehend, the time has gone by so fast.  We started to keep a list of all the books we have read but I think at some point around year 15 that plan slowly faded away.  Thinking back on just a very few of so many books I have loved;

Snow Falling on Cedars
This book was so engaging while also very sad.  How did I not know what happened to Japanese residents in our country during WW II?

Memoirs of a Gesisha
ABSOLUTELY fascinating.  I had no idea about the training and the history of Gesishas.

The Help

The Glass Castle
I had to keep reminding myself this is a true story.

The Kite Runner
A very difficult scene to get through in the beginning but the book is well worth doing so.

The Red Tent
So much discussion about this book, one that I think I will soon read again.

I am reluctant to stop because there are so many other books I want to recommend.  However at some point I must end this post.  I will share with you our book club's February read, its fabulous!

What have you read recently that you will recommend to all of us?  Please put all suggestions in the comments section below.