Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Just discovered Ted Talks, short audio presentations by experts in a multitude of fields:

Hopefully we can soon put away our winter clothes and think of spring.  Wonder what you and your closet need to stay stylish? Angie from You Look Fab shares her thoughts:

Interesting article on how compassion and forgiveness can help release us from past hurt and pain:

A woman's thoughts on leaving her job to be at home full time with her children:

Big food news in the South Bend/Mishawaka/Granger area, Indulgence Bakery is opening a cupcake kiosk at UP Mall in May.

Monday, March 25, 2013


As I prepared for work this morning, I reached for the top above that I recently purchased from Anthropologie.  As you can see, it buttons down the back and has  a very pretty eyelet hem .  I liked the look of the eyelet showing in front and that is how I intend to wear it.  In other words, I am making my own fashion rules and wearing it in a manner that works for me.  Another example that comes to mind is that many dresses are cut on the shorter side and certainly not appropriate for me or anyone else over age 30 (WAY WAY over but...we don't need to go there right now).  My solution is to pick dresses that have the lines of a tunic or sheath and pair them with leggings or skinny jeans.

Fashion should be fun and individualized. There are no steadfast rules (except maybe appropriate and tasteful in my opinion). Style is always evolving and changing depending on the season, the fit and so many many other things.  I think style blogs as well as fashion magazines can help open up our vision in this area.  It is so easy to fall into a rut and always wear the same sweater and skirt together, never trying a new pattern mix or color combination. Enjoy your closet, have fun mixing it up and take a fashion risk now and then.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Monday, March 18, 2013


My weekend safari was to Indianapolis on a hunt for cute and comfy shoes with a closed toe and a wide width.  I came armed with a good friend who always make me laugh, a working knowledge of the hunting area (have been to Keystone at the Crossing Mall a number of times) and a debit card ready to be pulled out and aimed at a register. Unfortunately, as often happens on my shoe expeditions, I did not bring home a "trophy" (fabulous new shoes sitting in my closet).

I was told at both Von Maur and Macys that they do not carry wide widths in their shoe departments at this location.  Nordstroms had a very limited selection of wides and what they did have were either casual, orthopedic looking or way over my price range ($300.00 plus).  I do not expect to always hit my target and come home with something each time I am on safari but I would like to think that  it could happen occasionally.  For me, shoes are one of my most difficult items to find.  Plantar Fascilitis means I need good arch support/cushioning and a broken toe requires lots of room in the toe box.  

I have hunted on line but find its difficult to know which brands to order.  I have some Munro brand shoes that are great for work or casual wear but not for a dressy night out.  Sofft used to be one of my go to brands but as I age (do you know how much I dread saying that??) they seem to be either less comfy or I require way more than they offer in the way of padding.  I have never found Naturalizer to be as comfortable as they bill themselves to be.  

Here is where all of you come me find some shoes I can love and am proud to wear.  What brands do you recommend and where do I find these magical shoes?????

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


How to find flattering eyeglass frames for different face shapes: caption

Would you like some advice on how to find flattering tops for your body type/shape? Angie from the blog You Look Fab offers very detailed and helpful suggestions on this topic:

Our city is finally getting a Whole Foods. This article gives helpful advice on which foods are worth buying organic:
I was very fortunate as a young mother who worked outside our home to have a fabulous job sharing position.  29 years later instead of more options to work flex time, job share, work from home those options seem to be declining.  This column details some of the tough decisions all women with children have to make:,0,1793426.column

Saturday, March 2, 2013


Some places I fancy in my hometown and surrounding areas:

Oh Mama's Italian Deli is opening a cheese shop in River Park on the corner of Beyer and Mishawaka Avenue in early March.  This is the same deli loved by many foodies at the Farmer's Market. Follow them on facebook to get updated information on upcoming events including tastings and an expanded menu.

I was shocked to find out many folks still do not know that our local mall, University Park, now has a JCrew.  They are located across from Sephora and the store stocks both men and women's clothing as well as shoes and accessories.  A personal shopper service is always available at JCrew at no charge.

The Vickers Theater in Three Oaks Michigan is open again thank goodness.  Sign up for their mailing list to find out all the fabulous films they will be showing in the coming weeks.

its time to start thinking about planting flowers and if you have never visited  Sawyers Garden Center in Sawyer MI I strong urge you to do so.  The selection is amazing.  Not only do they carry flowers, plants and shrubs but also lawn furniture, grills and wine and cheese to enjoy while sitting on your patio enjoying the sunshine and admiring your beautiful landscape.

Speaking of beautiful views and sunshine I cannot wait for my first meal on the patio at Brewsters in New Buffalo, MI.  One of my favorite ways to kick off the summer.