Monday, March 25, 2013


As I prepared for work this morning, I reached for the top above that I recently purchased from Anthropologie.  As you can see, it buttons down the back and has  a very pretty eyelet hem .  I liked the look of the eyelet showing in front and that is how I intend to wear it.  In other words, I am making my own fashion rules and wearing it in a manner that works for me.  Another example that comes to mind is that many dresses are cut on the shorter side and certainly not appropriate for me or anyone else over age 30 (WAY WAY over but...we don't need to go there right now).  My solution is to pick dresses that have the lines of a tunic or sheath and pair them with leggings or skinny jeans.

Fashion should be fun and individualized. There are no steadfast rules (except maybe appropriate and tasteful in my opinion). Style is always evolving and changing depending on the season, the fit and so many many other things.  I think style blogs as well as fashion magazines can help open up our vision in this area.  It is so easy to fall into a rut and always wear the same sweater and skirt together, never trying a new pattern mix or color combination. Enjoy your closet, have fun mixing it up and take a fashion risk now and then.

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  1. Although I am quite the traditionalist when it comes to fashion, I like your ideas about making fashion your own. I just might venture out of my comfort zone and refashion a few of my pieces this week. Thanks for sharing :)