Monday, March 18, 2013


My weekend safari was to Indianapolis on a hunt for cute and comfy shoes with a closed toe and a wide width.  I came armed with a good friend who always make me laugh, a working knowledge of the hunting area (have been to Keystone at the Crossing Mall a number of times) and a debit card ready to be pulled out and aimed at a register. Unfortunately, as often happens on my shoe expeditions, I did not bring home a "trophy" (fabulous new shoes sitting in my closet).

I was told at both Von Maur and Macys that they do not carry wide widths in their shoe departments at this location.  Nordstroms had a very limited selection of wides and what they did have were either casual, orthopedic looking or way over my price range ($300.00 plus).  I do not expect to always hit my target and come home with something each time I am on safari but I would like to think that  it could happen occasionally.  For me, shoes are one of my most difficult items to find.  Plantar Fascilitis means I need good arch support/cushioning and a broken toe requires lots of room in the toe box.  

I have hunted on line but find its difficult to know which brands to order.  I have some Munro brand shoes that are great for work or casual wear but not for a dressy night out.  Sofft used to be one of my go to brands but as I age (do you know how much I dread saying that??) they seem to be either less comfy or I require way more than they offer in the way of padding.  I have never found Naturalizer to be as comfortable as they bill themselves to be.  

Here is where all of you come me find some shoes I can love and am proud to wear.  What brands do you recommend and where do I find these magical shoes?????

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