Wednesday, November 14, 2012


No I do not have actual plumbing problems in my closet, at least not the type of problems one calls a plumber for.  Closet clogs in my world refers to the amount of clothing I hold on to but hardly if ever wear....they clog my closet and affect my ability to see what I own and can/might actually wear.

Last Sunday I was so overwhelmed by closet clogs I went through each item hanger by hanger.  A lot went into my car and off to the donation box THAT day so there was no chance to carry these items back in during a weak moment.  Items that probably should have also been donated at this time but were not (for reasons such as telling myself I will fit into them soon or I  paid way too much  to just toss) went into a large plastic bin from Target.  If I then find myself pulling an item back out and not just trying it on but actually wearing it, then maybe that item will own its own hanger again.  If within a reasonable amount of time that does not happen, I will develop a fashion backbone and take the contents of the bin to a donation box.

This morning I discovered a cardigan and dress that go well together.  I have never even noticed this option because of my former closet clogs.  Now I have what feels like a totally new outfit without spending a cent.  It honestly is a very liberating action and one i urge you to try.

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  1. love this post! a closet clog purge is in order!!!
    can't wait to see you over the holidays!!!

    xo. c & v
    cake & valley