Thursday, October 25, 2012


Ha ha ha...fooled you all again.  No, I not going to be handing out marriage advice.  Instead the marriage I am referring to is the one between comfort and style in footwear.  If you think maintaining a healthy relationship requires hard work, try finding a cute comfy pair of shoes or boots.  Now that truly requires patience, persistence and flexibility.

While walking across campus this morning I realized my feet did not hurt thanks to my new Wolky Dazzle shoes.  Are you familiar with this brand?  They are sold in speciality shoe stores in larger cities as well as on line ( and to name two).  They offer removable foot beds, good arch support  and a fair amount of cushioning (I now feel about 85 years old, I wish I was instead telling you about the heel height on my new stilettos).

These are some footwear styles/brands I recommend:
Wolky Dazzle

Ecco Hobart

Munro American Grace

I am always on the lookout for shoes that I can wear.  What are the hidden gems in footwear you can share with all of us?

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