Monday, December 17, 2012


I just realized that I need to update all of you on our recent Fashion Club meetings.

 In November a new JCrew in our local mall hosted 13 members.  In addition 2 customers in the store were interested in the presentation and of course were invited to join us.  The meeting topic was Ageless Fashion.  The store manager had pulled some items from the current collection to show us how someone 40 plus could wear their clothing.

 * One item that is very versatile is the # 2 pencil skirt (work appropriate in a variety of colors or for an upcoming party in a tasteful dotted brocade These skirts can be paired with a simple white shirt or a jacket or even a tee if you are feeling adventurous. Footwear can be anything from ballet flats to pumps to boots depending on what you have in your closet.  I myself am not a fan of nylons so would most likely pair the skirt with opaque tights (Spanx make amazing tights that last FOREVER). 

 *Another item that is timeless and ageless is the Schoolboy Blazer which comes in a variety of fabrics, colors and patterns. ( This style of jacket can be worn with jeans, over a dress or with a skirt.  Once the presentation was complete we were given not only a generous discount towards purchases that evening but plenty of time to shop and enjoy delicious refreshments. 

Sephora hosted the Fashion Club in December.  It was a wonderful evening with not only knowledgeable Sephora staff on hand but representatives from HourGlass, Fresh and Cover FX makeup lines. The store arranged for members  who wanted to participate to first go to a skincare station for makeup removal (with a Clarisonic which I can personally recommend as amazing) and moisturizing.  Once that process was completed each member who was interested in makeup application was given their own makeup artist to answer individual questions and show them how to apply makeup .  Some members were looking for a better color match in foundation than they currently have, one member wanted to learn how to apply false eyelashes while another wanted to know the best way to cover discoloration on her skin (red chin and dark circles under her eyes).

I often wander into Sephora  to look around, spritz on perfume or look at lipstick colors. Yet I had never even looked at HourGlass makeup and found that I really liked it.  I also did not know that if I want to i.e. try a new mascara they have testers and brushes under the counter that have never been used (and are disposed of after you sample it).  I was so glad to know this because I often seen customers using the stores samples to put their own makeup on and that stopped me from ever using the samples unless I saw the makeup artist clean/disinfect the product and applicator specifically for me. In addition Sephora is very generous in providing samples for almost every product they sell so always feel free to ask to try something either at the store or at home.   At the conclusion of the evening each member was given a fun gift package with multiple samples of items like moisturizers, serums and cologne

I am busy working on new and interesting Fashion Club sponsors/presentations for upcoming meetings.  Topics under consideration include hair styles/colors/care and healthy eating.  If you have any suggestions for upcoming topics and/or presenters, please let me know by writing in the comments section below or you can email me at


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