Thursday, June 25, 2015


Today's links are a mixture, no one theme.  I hope you enjoy them:

Do you ponder the difference between Cava, Prosecco and Champagne?  If not, you should.  Nothing is more delightful on a warm summer evening than a sparkling refreshment in a pretty flute:

Do you also ponder the difference between being a caring and loving parent vs a helicopter parent?  I believe parents who coach every team their child is on, attend every practice, volunteer in the classroom daily, etc etc are not raising their children to become mature and independent which in the end is what we all should want for our adult children:

Preston Davis, a woman who has worked in the fashion world for quite a while, shares her shopping rules.  While many of are not buying Valentino shoes, I think the same rules apply whether its a designer item or a  TJMaxx find:

I really enjoyed this article.  To me "polished" means some thought has been put into your wardrobe. I believe it reflects confidence, good taste and a general love of fashion:

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