Sunday, January 31, 2016


Hello all.  Its been a long time hasn't it?  No excuses will be offered as there are none worthy of your time.  I was feeling uninspired on topics to post about and before I knew it,  days turned into weeks and weeks into get the general idea.  I missed exchanging ideas with all of you and after this little hiatus, I now plan to post on a regular basis.

I logged onto the Target website at 7AM this morning to check out the Who What Wear/Target collaboration.  No surprise, the Target website was not working and only 5 items from the collection were available to view.  Since I was already up and on my 2nd cup of coffee I drove over to the store when it opened at 8AM.  I was the ONLY person even looking at the collection.  Good decision everyone else and bad decision Nancy.  The super Target in our area had about 40% of the collection  I was not impressed.  I tried on a few tees and they were so sheer a cami would be an ABSOLUTE requirement, so back to the rack those went.  I am not a pattern person in general but did try on a royal blue/mustard flowered polyester top (sounds so attractive doesn't  it?? hahaha).  Need I tell you that was also quickly returned to the rack.  I saw a black sweater dress that looked like when stretched it might fit a size 00.  You will not be surprised to know I left empty handed.  Why do I always have such high hopes for these events?  I think I am done with all future clothing collaborations offered by Target. They are, in my opinion,  of poor quality and lacking in style.



  1. Fancy Nancy... you were missed.

    Great post - can't wait to see more in 2016 :)


    1. I walked past a Target on State Street in Chicago today and wondered if they would have had more to your liking. Strange to see that big red circle in an historic building without a huge parking lot in front of it.

    2. Hi Mary-I believe the collection is the same at every Target store that carries it...some stores may have more inventory of the styles; all are avail. on line. I just was not impressed enough to even think about ordering other items on line.