Thursday, June 28, 2012

HERE WE GO.......

Welcome to my blog: Fancy Nancy's Fashion Safari!  I wanted to enter the blogging world for awhile -- I just felt like there was something missing for fashionable ladies later in life and wanted to add my two cents.  So...a bit about myself.  I have twin boys who just turned 28 (I was not a young mother FYI) and that is about as far as I will go with announcing my age to the world!  I live in a small midwest town within a few hours of Chicago. I love shopping and fashion and girlfriends and my job (I work at a university with students and it's the best job in the wold) and wine and funny books and travel. While I have not been able to do much travel, my mantra is I will go anywhere with anyone anytime I am invited (or if I can shame them into bringing me along).
As always I am veering a bit off course here...I am beginning a blog because :

1.  My love for fashion
2.  The fun and frustration of finding clothes, shoes, accessories, etc, etc etc that are fun and stylish but not silly for my age.
3.  The challenge of finding the above named items while trying to stay within some type of budget and in my size.
4.  I have A LOT of spare time on my hands

I hope you will join me in this safari, a journey to looking as good as we possibly can.

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  1. Congrats on the blog!! Can't wait to read more. This journey promises to have lots of ups & downs, glasses of wine, and giggles.


    Cake & Valley