Friday, June 29, 2012

Big Realization.......When In Doubt Take a Picture

I need to decide how I am going to share with all of you some of my ideas for clothing, accessories, etc.  This morning I took photos in the bathroom mirror to show a blouse over a sleeveless dress I was wearing.  My plan was to photograph the outfit from the neck down.  This is not an easy task let me tell you.  Well...big lesson learned here for me and perhaps for any of you who want to experiment a bit.  When I looked at my outfit in the photo it didn't look quite as stylish (said with a bit of sarcasm) as I had thought it did.  I have worn this flowy top/sleeveless dress combination a number of times during the past 2 summers.  Now I realize it accomplishes my initial goal of covering my arms but not in the most flattering manner.  Lesson for today is if I REALLY want to know how an outfit looks, take a picture for a true assessment.  This is often recommended by fashion stylists but for some reason I never saw it applying to me...well guess what???  I should have been doing this all along.  No wonder I never liked any pictures of myself. 

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