Thursday, July 5, 2012


Wonder why I left the above spaces blank after age and size?  Because neither of these answers should dictate which stores you shop in.  It seems to me that women feel like if they are over a certain age or size there could never ever be anything in a store like Forever 21 or The Limited for them. I am telling you that is not at all true.  I do not visit these stores on a regular basis nor will they ever be my "go to" shopping favorites. However that said when you live in a small town with limited shopping options  like I do, you have to explore EVERYWHERE.  That means you at least cruise through the jewelry, accessories (look for evening bags that are used a few times a year or a neon belt) and trendy items like a  fun colored sheer blouse to go over a sleeveless top/dress. This is the same principle I apply to visiting stores like Chicos that are generally considered to be for the more "mature woman" ( which is probably my age range but definitely not my mind-set).  I would never EVER go to any store and buy a holiday sweater or capris with cute little animals on them  Again, it is never a waste of time to go in and check our store's merchandise.  I  recently purchased a beautiful turquoise necklace (looks very much like a piece from Anthropologie) as well as a versatile scalloped black sheath dress from Chicos.

My favorite store in the whole world is Anthropologie.  I LOVE their jewelry, household items, clothing, etc etc.  Are there a lot of items there that fit me in both actual size and lifestyle?  NO, there are not. That doesn't mean I don't go in to Anthropologie ever chance I get. I always find things I want and will eventually buy (those who know me well know that means when it goes on 2nd or 3rd cut depending on how much I love it).  Other stores I frequent are JCrew, Target and Talbots.

Ladies, let's put the FUN back in shopping-lets not shop where we think we should. Lets shop where our hearts are, stores that make us happy.

What are your favorite stores?


  1. I can never have too much target in my life! Love reading your posts! Keep it up miss nancy!


  2. You definitely can't limit yourself on where you shop - esp. in a small town! Love the blog Nancy!