Monday, October 28, 2013


What...Fancy Nancy...dislikes a fashion related item???  Impossible you say??? Well...I have quite a complicated relationship with the televised fashion shows like "What Not to Wear", which by the way is no longer on TV.  Then why write this post?  Because we all know it will soon be replaced by at least one if not many similarly themed programs.

I have watched What Not to Wear for years and years and...well lets just say...FOR A LONG TIME. It goes without saying I have also enjoyed Say Yes to the Dress, House of Consignment, The Rachel Zoe Show, Its a Brad Brad World, Running in Heels, etc etc

Some of my frustrations are as follows:

1.  Most of the shows are based in large cosmopolitan cities (90% of the time, NYC) where shopping options are plentiful.  Who couldn't find great clothing in such a place?

2.  Generous clothing budget- if I was gifted with a Visa with a large balance it would be a no brainer that I could find clothes that would both fit and flatter since price would not limit me.

3.  The sense that each of us has this "perfect" haircut and color that will take 10 years off our appearance.  The stylist analyzes the client's face shape, coloring, hair texture and length as well as the amount of time and effort they are willing to set forth on their daily hair routine.  Where is such a person??  I have gone to many different salons and I love my current stylist.  That said tho I have never had the experience that is shown on these shows...have you?  If so, then please share with who and at which salon.

4.  We all know the difference a few minutes can make when makeup is applied.  A light foundation, swish of a blush brush and mascara wand, some lip color and a huge transformation takes place.  When I watch someone like Carmindy on What Not to Wear, I will often see her working her magic on someone with my same coloring, I want to know which eye shadow bring out her close set eyes, which lip gloss brightens up her whole face.  Its not just using the products, its using the right brand and shade and brush and...well you know how it goes.

So my challenge to the next fashion show to appear on my television screen is please...come to a small town, work with a limited clothing budget, show us how to get the crown height in our hair, tame the frizz, share with us which brand and color of lip gloss "works" on everyone???????  Most of us do not have access to Ted Gibson haircuts, shopping trips to Nordstroms with professional stylists or a makeup artist to pick our perfect colors.  

What are your thoughts on this?  Do you share any of these same frustrations? 

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  1. I gave Melena a trip to Ted Gibson's salon in NYC for a birthday gift one year. I couldn't afford/justify having Ted do the cut, but was assured one of his associates would be the perfect fit for Melena's needs ... yes they asked a lot of questions before booking the apt. Ted was there talking with clients and we said hi ... he is adorable in person too! The cut and style Melena received was without a doubt the most expensive and WORST she has ever had. The cut was uneven and unflattering and the products used did nothing to control her very curly hair; it was fright night and we were nowhere near halloween. By the time we reached the street Melena had pulled it all back in the ponytail she arrived in. Not wanting to hurt a young ego and spoil our day in the City I just shrugged it off ... but I should have gone to Ted himself and asked how he was going to fix this mess. What you see on TV is not real, everything is edited and fixed for the camera.