Thursday, November 21, 2013


Holiday party season begins soon. Are you wondering about whether or not to wear hosiery with open toe shoes?  Angie from shares her thoughts

Some anti-aging award winners:

I love love love Bill Cunningham from the NY Times Style Section:

Makeup brush recommendations:

To end this eclectic post today I leave you with some words of wisdom:


  1. So I noticed all the hose / sandal combos are dark and therefore meant to be seen. I like the look of hose on my legs ... they keep it all together ... So in the summer I'll wear sheer toeless hose if it's a special occassion. What's the word on the street about that?

  2. Why not just use self tanner on your legs in the summer and get a pretty pedicure? If you MUST wear hose I think D. Karan makes some very sheer ones I have heard good things about but do not think they come in open toe: