Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Hello - Where is the summer going????  Has it even really been summer??? I wake up early in the morning and at 6 AM the past few mornings, the temperature has registered in the mid 50s'...unbelievable.

Todays link love is a collection with no theme, just things I find interesting and hope you do too:

Two "new to me" blogs (I know, I know..the last thing I need is MORE blogs to look at):



Given my philosophy of buying quality not quantity, I found this article very informative.  Have I ever told you this is my philosophy???  One thought to help decide if an item is worthy of your closet is to be honest with yourself,  would pay full price for the item?   If that answer is no, then let it go irregardless of the "bargain":


Several friends have recommended the memoir below that speaks to the mother-daughter relationship.  So far I am enjoying it very much:

Before I say bye for now,  wanted to share a few thoughts:

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