Sunday, October 4, 2015


One would think I would have a million faves stored up to share with you but that is not the case, my new persona will be one of careful selection, thoughtful decisions...ok who am I kidding????  I could do 100 Friday Fancies and not even touch the list I have accumulated.  So here we go.........

Fall 2015 is fringe and fringe is Fall 2015; these will never grace my feet for so so many reasons which I will not bore you with, just feast your eyes :

Jenny Packman makes the most beautiful dresses and for the small sum of $4800.00 it could be hanging in your closet:

Who doesn't love sequins? Who loves them more than anyone else you know ????  Yes ...ME... this blog isn't called Fancy Nancy without reason and I just may have treated myself to this fabulous jacket from Anthropologie:

Most things in life change but you can count on the fact that my love of tulle and pink and shimmer will never change and when those loves are all combined in one item...I have NO WORDS:

I promise lots more posts to come and leave you with this thought:

you know when someone asks "why are you so dressed up?" and you have to literally explain to them that this is who you are

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