Saturday, June 18, 2016

CATCHING UP.........

So its been awhile hasn't it?  Yes its been way too long. I missed blogging and most of all,  I missed all of you.  So, lets play catch up:

My most exciting news is that my husband and I traveled to Italy in celebration of our 35th wedding anniversary.  Neither of us have ever traveled to Europe so needless to say,  this was a BIG BIG DEAL.  After consulting with several friends who are well traveled along with  a highly recommended /experienced travel agent, we booked our 10 day tour through Insight Travel,  "The Country Roads of Tuscany and Umbria".  Our first afternoon/evening and the following morning was spent in Rome.  We had an opportunity to walk around the city a bit on the day of our arrival.  The following morning was a private tour of the Vatican and then we were off to Tuscany for 6 days.  It was magical, that is all I can say.  We visited Umbria, Lucca, Siena, San Gimignano, Perugia and ended in Venice.  Its impossible to pick a favorite place because each and every one was beautiful, charming and fascinating.  As everyone I have ever met or hope to meet has heard me say, its difficult to believe such a beautiful place exists in this world.  From the delicious food (gelato, pasta, pizza, seafood to highlight a few) to wine at a minimum of twice daily thank you very much, unbelievable architecture and art as well as the fabulous colors of the flowers, the layers of paint showing through on very old buildings colorful store windows with delicious desserts, scarves,  Italian pottery, etc one's senses came alive.  In closing, there is no more keeping this girl "down on the farm" ..I am already dreaming of my next trip abroad and it WILL HAPPEN!

I have a few fun new blogs for you to enjoy (as long as you promise to read mine):  I just discovered this fabulous read recently and am enjoying going back and looking at all of her posts...lots to enjoy and learn. I am not sure how I found this blog but LOVE her posts, they seriously make me laugh out loud, I want to be her BFF and hang out together.  Again, so so funny.  She tests products so we don't have to as well as sharing shopping hits and misses among many other vitally important topics.

New post up soon and I leave you with these words of wisdom:

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  1. Wow! Thank you so much for recommending my blog!! I'm in France on vacation right now and will return in a couple of weeks--il have lots to write about😉 Thanks again--I appreciate your kindness in the mention!!!