Monday, June 20, 2016


As I shared in last week's post I was recently in Europe...oh my do I like to be able to drop that little phrase anytime and anywhere possible...HA HA.  It was my impression that women there dress in a more classic and conservative manner.  Most people live in smaller homes with less closet space.  Thus they generally own less clothing while finding  more creative ways to maximize their wardrobe.  Scarves seem to play a central role in their accessory collection.

You would think based on the number of scarves that are in my closet(s) (shhh...the other person in my household does need to be reminded I might have one or two closets full of VERY  important belongings) that I wear multiple scarves per day.  I feel like I run in scarf cycles...since this is a blog and not a piece of literature, I can make up words and phrases like scarf cycle, correct?  I may wear scarves for days on end and then all of sudden seem to forget such an item exists and not wear a single one for weeks.

I think several keys to maximizing scarf cycles...(see I used this new phrase twice in one far...) is to think outside of the box.  Instead of a cardigan why not a scarf tied like this?

Bow tie belt anyone?

I have worn a long thin scarf in a bow...although even for me this is a bit oversized:

How about wearing 2 coordinating but different scarves together...AT THE SAME TIME (take a fashion risk now and then)

Tie a scarf on the shoulder of your handbag to add a pop of color or pattern or both.

If you have any helpful suggestions on scarf tying or a favorite scarf you find yourself always pulling out because it goes with pretty much anything and everything in your closet, please share in the comments section below.

For a small smile before I close .....

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