Tuesday, August 7, 2012


The first official meeting of the Fashion Club was a success.  13 women attended.  The Talbot's stylist shared with us that jewel tones will be big this fall; lots of forest green, cranberry and navy.  She chose  pieces from the store's early fall collection for us to preview.  My immediate impression was "classic".  Corduroy blazers, button down blouses with elbow patches, knee length skirts that wavered between A-line and pencil style (which should be flattering for almost all of us).  Members had several questions about hose styles; is is true nude pantyhose are back in style (since Princess Kate has been spotted wearing them on occasion)?  The  group consensus was tights are still more flattering and stylish on most women (we all laughed when one woman said she never knew nude hose has gone out and are now back in again).  On the topic of tights we discussed a question about whether someone over 40 could wear colored tights?  There was no definitive answer on this...obviously we are not going to wear them the same way someone in her  teens or 20's would wear them.  I think if you pair i.e. dark eggplant (purple) tights with a dark grey skirt and complimentary shirt/jacket or sweater and tall boots, its a "fashion do".  I asked whether booties are still big this fall and was told that knee high boots will be seen much more often, paired with dresses and skirts.   The next meeting of the Fashion Club will be on October 3 at Talbots. The topic will be Closet Orphans.  These are items you loved when you made the purchase and intended to wear often.  However those lovable orphans are left unworn because either you do not have a coordinating wardrobe piece to wear with your "orphan" or maybe you are not sure they flatter you.  Group members were encouraged to bring in some of their "orphans" to our second meeting for ideas and feedback.

See you on October 3rd!

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