Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I went shoe shopping last weekend.  As much as I love to shop for anything at any time I do not look forward to trying to find stylish shoes that are comfortable.  Years and years of wearing inexpensive high heels has taken its toll (just as my mother warned).  I suffer from plantar fasciitis (would like to say this is from running but it is from previously mentioned high heels) as well as a broken toe that  that I got while attempting to lift a 100 lb.golden retriever (another story, another post). I have tried many "comfort" brands i.e. Cole Haan Air, Dansko and Mephisto to name just a few.  The end result has been a lot of money wasted and I still do not have options I consider fashionable.  I refuse to spend $150.00 plus on shoes that I want to hide under pants so no one sees them.  Oh for the days of being able to walk into any store, see a cute pair of black stilettos or animal print wedges and as quickly as I could whip out my credit card and sign on the dotted line, the shoes were mine to wear and love.

Your Present:

Your Future:

LESSON LEARNED-Buy good quality shoes and skip the cheap ones no matter how cute they are.  Otherwise you too will be walking through the comfort shoe section trying to decide if the black sensible loafers or the white tennis shoes will be going home with you.


  1. I laughed so hard at this.

  2. That won't be my future! I would rather wear crocs! At least then no one would think I was making a fashion statement with those awful shoes. I feel the same way about minivans; it might be a reality someday, but it won't be my reality.