Friday, August 17, 2012


Time again for Friday Fancies.  Fun things I saw this week and wanted to share with you.  I had a wonderful 5 days in my favorite city, Chicago.  Celebrated my birthday, saw my handsome sons as well as my wonderful soon to be daughter, spent time with good friends and had several fabulous meals with delicious wine.

While walking in Lincoln Park I saw this bike in a window and could not help but smile.  Pink bike in  a Lilly Pulitzer pattern and green handles:

Its almost time for me to return to work after a fun summer off.  Who wouldn't want to return such a pretty desk and stylish chair?  My desk DOES not look like this but I can dream:

Thanks to The Glitter Guide for a reminder that fall fashion magazines are starting to appear on newsstands, one of my favorite times of the year:

Finally a general principal in life, TULLE IS ALWAYS APPROPRIATE:

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Please make your work station into that desk! I would die to see the rest of the SAO staff reactions!