Sunday, April 14, 2013


A few new products to recommend

A specialist at Sephora recommended Alterna Caviar Moisture Conditioner. It has made a real difference in the way my hair looks:

I have been in the market for a new foundation  Wanted something to cover the redness on my cheeks and chin, brighten me up and last all day.  Stila's Illuminating Foundation meets all my criteria:

Do you use a product on your brow?  Once a makeup artist showed me what a difference it makes, there was no going back.  After trying several brands I discovered this one, Anastasia in a color named Carmel:

I have never gone to a tanning salon and have no plans to ever do so  However I still would like a little color, especially on my white legs.  St Tropez mousse is easy to apply, has a nice color and good staying power:

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  1. Thanks for the tips on these products. Am definitely going to try the conditioner!