Monday, April 8, 2013


Are you a serial shopper like me?  Shopping is basically my hobby as well as a stress reliever.  I differentiate  between buying and shopping.  I am a person who can spend 8 hours looking around, come home with nothing and still have had a fun and worthwhile day.  How is this possible you ask?  I love clothes, handbags, jewelry, makeup, shoes and pretty much anything and everything  you find in a department store or boutique.  While looking and trying items on I get ideas for what I want to buy or new ways to wear clothing and accessories I already own.   Seems pretty harmless doesn't it?   The danger in this for me comes when I find an amazing sale and can talk myself into something because it is such a good deal.  Those items often are worn once. They then either take up space in my closet or are donated immediately because they are not flattering due to color/size/style and often a combination of all 3.  When you actually begin to add up the $20.00 blouses, the $30.00 sweaters etc over a period of time I/we can end up wasting ALOT of money.  I have made a promise to myself I will no longer do this.  I plan to begin a shopping list of what I want, what I need and prioritize it. Right now on my list is a beautiful spring/summer handbag in a neutral color.  I love Tory Burch bags and own 2;  a leather cross body and a nylon tote.  Individually these bags cost more than I had spent in the past on handbags.  That said, I have owned each for over a year and love and appreciate them more every time I use one.  Can I say that for the bargain faux leather bags sitting on my closet shelf???  Big NO to that question.  Last weekend while out looking at  new spring merchandise in stores I purchased a pretty summer dress to wear on Easter Sunday.  Unfortunately the temperature on Easter was 25 degrees and a lightweight summer dress was not warm enough nor did it look appropriate under my winter coat.  I am fortunate enough to work in a university setting where I get the summers off.  Therefore I do not need a lot of work appropriate spring and summer clothing.  The dress was returned on Monday and my bank acct was quite a bit richer for this good decision.  I believe the lesson I learned from this is not to even go into stores that do not carry quality clothing.  I will not be tempted to buy items based on price. I will carry a list with me of my needs and wants and to learn a bit of self control.  I think in the long run reminding myself that  having less quantity but better quality clothing that flatters me, works with items I already own and that I feel good in is a wise decision.  What are your thoughts on this?

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