Friday, May 3, 2013


I am almost afraid to put this in print but...I might have...maybe....perhaps.....could have.....found a brand of shoes that I can wear.  Of course they cost more than any shoe I have ever purchased (which isn't saying much since cheap shoes are how I ended up in this foot mess).  A friend of mine was in San Diego CA and happened to enter a comfort shoe store.  She called me to say they had a brand named Ziera and there were some cute styles.  I promptly looked them up on line and ended up ordering these for our son's wedding (Ziera Jade):

Tried on these Kate Spade earrings at Nordstroms (Thanks Laura for finding them).  They are absolutely beautiful and match my dress for the wedding:

Just reserved this book at the library.  Looks like a great summer read:

My hair gets frizzy in the heat and humidity.  My hair stylist recommended Aveda Smooth Infusion and so far, it seems to really help tame the frizz:

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