Monday, May 20, 2013


Say hello to my new handbag, the Kate Spade Minka in sea foam green:

It will absolutely be  a foundation piece of my spring/summer wardrobe.  In fact, I am sure I will carry this bag into fall.  To me it is a neutral and I plan to wear it with pretty much every color in my wardrobe.  A good friend laughed when I told her this and said I am the only person in the world who would call this color a"neutral".  That could be true.  You may find me a bit over the top at times in my wardrobe but hopefully I will never bore you.  I think women in the 40 plus age range walk a narrow can we stay stylish without being frumpy?  I believe knowing our personal style and being confident in our choices is important.  As I think about this topic I realize what is conservative for me is way too much for some and not enough for others. 

If you a fan of the classic style, perhaps wearing a multi strand pearl necklace instead of a single strand will feel adventuresome.  Try a larger pearl stud earring.  Wear 2 bracelets instead of one.  Pick a handbag in your favorite color and let it stand out and not "match" anything in your outfit.  Do a "half tuck" of your classic white shirt.  

If you are an "artsy" dresser, give a basic black pencil skirt and white shirt with simple jewelry a try.  If every single earring you own dangles from your ear lobe try a stud.  If you favor oversized handbags, try a clutch.  

Fashion should be fun and what is safe for one person is over the top for another and vice versa.  Its important we take a few risks in all parts of life, including fashion.  Have fun, mix it up a bit and please share in the comments section below what your biggest fashion risk has been.

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  1. Well said Nancy. And I agree that's a neutral. Can't wait to see the bag.