Monday, May 6, 2013


Its May and FINALLY the temperature has started to creep above 60 degrees.  I switched my closet over from winter to summer clothing several weeks ago but found myself creeping back into the "winter closet" many mornings.  I think I prefer the coverage that items like sweaters, jackets and tights provide.  So how does one still get some coverage without passing out from heat stroke on a 90 degree July day?  I have some recommendations for summer staples:

1.  Leggings - Several years ago I spent some time debating whether or not I could actually embrace this trend.  The women in the hosiery department at Nordstroms who were in my age range, urged me to give simple black leggings a try.  You know what finally swayed me?  I looked down at my pasty white legs with varicose veins and thought how could leggings not look better?  hahaha...that is honestly how I decided to try them.  I am not a big capri fan nor do I ever wear shorts so a skirt or dress with leggings (no embellishments, just plain black or chocolate brown ones) is a cool and comfortable summer option for me.  I like both Vince Camuto and Spanx brands as they are opaque and extremely sturdy. 

2.  Gap 1969 boyfriend jeans in City Blue Wash- These jeans are highly recommended on many fashion blogs.  I ordered a pair a few weeks ago and am in love with them.  The fabric weight is PERFECT; not stiff but definitely offers structure.  The dark wash is flattering.  I tend to prefer as dark a color as possible on my lower half for obvious reasons. They can be rolled up to show off your cute shoes or left unrolled for a straight leg look.

3. Light weight cardigans-I prefer cotton ones as they "breathe".  I also prefer bright colored ones that offer some fun color pairings.  Let me be honest here, it is a  favorite summer "cover up my arms" option.

4. Statement jewelry-Pretty much always a staple for me, summer, fall, winter and spring.

Notice that I have not mentioned footwear?  On safari right now for shoe options AS ALWAYS and will share when I find some worthy of a blog recommendation.

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