Friday, June 14, 2013


How cute is this JCrew dress???  LOVE the bows details , while also staying fun and tasteful (said the woman with animal print cat eye frames hahaha):

Eyelet and scalloped hem, thank you Talbots, now if you can also give me a 50% off sale, this could be mine:

I have never gone camping ( huge gasp of surprise here I know) but maybe that is because I never saw a cute sleeping bag, leave it to Anthropologie to tempt me (to buy this, not go camping...come on..its me):

Who doesn't love a good beach read?  I cannot always have my nose in The Economist:

A small follow up from my last blog post.  The bridal shower was wonderful and I hope everyone had as much fun as I did.  The bride looked stunning as always and is so gracious and sweet, it makes my heart smile to know she loves our son.  As I looked around the room at all of these amazing women, to say I feel blessed is such an understatement.  Please know how much I love all of you and so happy you are in my life.


  1. Nancy, I'm glad you stop reading The Economist long enough to do your fashion blog! You gave me a chance for a good chuckle this morning!

  2. Thank you Mary...I do try to stay on top of other topics besides Libya, immigration, the economy and of course ND football
    Have a good day!

  3. Nancy - the Revenge Wears Prada book came in this month's PopSugar box. Along with a blue/white striped scarf that has a touch of neon pink on the border. Definitely an improvement over last months!!

  4. Nancy -- I love all of your selections! I always lean toward a touch of "unexpected" like the scalloped hemline on the dress or the fun sleeping bag. I have been needing a new summer read; thanks for the suggestion.

    1. HI Sharon, its an "ok" book, so far do not like it as much as The Devil Wears Prada but since I am not even half way into it yet, hoping it starts to grab my attention a bit more.

  5. This post made me laugh out loud. This blog is fabulous! Just. Like. You.

  6. Thanks for liking the sleeping bag!...come see the Original here: