Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I KNEW it, I have long said that stores like Kohls and Macys say they are having sales but the prices are not really sale prices and any frequent and informed shopper knows that:

The last thing I need is another blog to read but this one looks very interesting:

Time for the annual Tag Sale at Anthropologie, lots of markdowns as well as second and third cuts on previous sale items, happy shopping.

One of my fave blogs, Effortless Anthropology ( highlights the best of the sale as well as how it all work:

So excited to go see the new film Before Midnight.  I strongly recommend you see this but only after watching the previous two in this series (,0,556093.story0

If you like, no LOVE the early Jen Lancaster books as much as I do, you will also LOVE her new book.  Have been listening to it in my car and sometimes run a few extra errands just to hear the next chapter...funny and heart warming: (


  1. Thanks for all of the fabulous links! Reading is one of my favorite things to do and I always appreciate new leads on articles, blogs and books,

  2. We'll be sure to hit Anthropologie at the Fashion Mall Friday!!!