Sunday, August 25, 2013


Hello.  I apologize for not posting last week.  Our son was married on 8/17.  It was  a joyful and beautiful celebration.  We feel beyond lucky to welcome such a fabulous young woman into our lives (she has been in our hearts since we first met her and now officially our daughter in law).  We also  have become close to her wonderful family and look forward to seeing them often in the future.

Now on to some of the fall fashion trends I have observed so far:

Moto Jackets are everywhere in all kinds of fabrics.  If this is something that fits into your lifestyle and closet then go for a beautiful leather jacket:
Nordstorms: Marc New York

If not, then go for a lightweight knit one:
Anthropologie Tavi jacket

Mixed Media clothing is an import component in fall collections.  Again leather shows up often:
JCrew tunic

Boots as always are everywhere, both high and low styles.

Scallops?? Bows?? YES please!

Anthropologie Booties

Finally I will say I love the return to the classic color schemes of maroon, camel, green and pumpkin.  So easy to mix and match with items we already have in our closets.

I will have lots more trends to share with you in the coming weeks.  What "must haves" are on your fall shopping list? Are there trends you love or those you cannot imagine ever wearing?  Please share in the comments section below:


  1. I am definitely a big fan of the leather Moto jacket. I'm actually excited about a lot of the trends for this fall/winter. At the bottom of my list is the resurgence of "punk". A little bit of leather and some fun chains is about my limit with that trend :) I, too, am happy to see maroon gaining importance -- it adds some much needed color to a winter wardrobe.

  2. I purchased the pumpkin knit jacket from Anthro. and am very pleased with how well it "fits" into my closet. I also like the field/fatigue jackets but on me they just don't work. Think its my age. If I was younger I would mix both jacket looks with something very feminine like a lace dress.