Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I had a fun and extremely informative appointment today with a local makeup artist, Peggie O'Neill (http://www.peggieoneillmakeup.com/).  I was referred to Ms. O'Neill by the stylists at Salon 301 when I mentioned my frustration in trying to cover some dark areas under my eyes.  I have tried a number of concealers and foundations and nothing gave me the results I was seeking.  In addition I wanted to see what colors of shadow/lipstick/blush would be recommended.  We have a fabulous Sephora in our local mall but its always nice to get a new perspective.

I thought her consultation fee was very reasonable (see link for pricing).  Ms. O'Neill approaches makeup application much like an artist approaches painting a picture; she emphasizes using dark and light shading.  In applying makeup we need to use light colors to bring into focus areas we want to emphasize (cheekbones, inner corners of eye)  and dark colors to minimize ( outer corner of eyes, hollows of cheeks).    I also learned I do not have to be afraid of a translucent powder to "set" my makeup; it will not call attention to wrinkles.  Ms. O'Neill explained that altho initially the powder may show it will very quickly merge with the skin oils and will not be visible.  This type of powder helps set helps our makeup last all day.  To cover dark areas under my eyes she advised using a concealer that is heavy duty and highly pigmented.  It can be applied with a sponge and blended under your eye on top of cheekbones and back to hairline.  In addition she advised me that I can and should use eye shadow that has some shimmer..  She feels that it can light up one's face; in the inner half of my lid she applied a light shimmery champagne color and in the outer area of the lid she applied a sable brown (blending well of course so not visible distinction between the 2 colors).  Even with my glasses she assured me I would be able to wear false eyelashes for the upcoming family wedding.   I also loved and purchased a beautiful pink/coral lip gloss she applied as a finishing touch. Again the shimmer was light and she assured me the effect was flattering.

At the end of our makeup lesson I explained our Fashion Club and she is enthusiastic about hosting us, hopefully at our September meeting.

I urge each of you to consider meeting with a makeup artist be it Ms. O'Neill or a consultant at your local department or speciality store.  We all need to refresh our look, try new products and be open to updating our makeup.  It doesn't have to be time consuming or costly, 30 minutes of your time can result in a fun new fall look for little to no cost.


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