Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I recently discovered  Daily Plate of Crazy (  It has many thought provoking articles from a variety of authors.  Here are several I recently read:

Love pretty much everything that Nora Epron wrote and as soon as I saw a reference to he in the beginning of this column, knew it would be worth my time to read.  I believe the thoughts in the link can relate to many relationships in our life; friends and family.

I will soon return to work when the fall semester begins at the end of August.  I work with college students and have many fascinating discussions with them on a variety of topics.  This article about trying to balance work and family and personal goals/ambitions is an interesting read:

My husband and I are proud parents of two independent and successful sons.  We miss them every single day but are also very happy they have grown to have a full and happy life separate from us.  They are adults and need to live a life that reflects that, always knowing how much we love them and are so very proud of the men they have become:

Another new blog I started reading.  The blog is written by an Anthropologie employee who shares lots of interesting tidbits:

Anyone who knows me knows how important female friends are in my life.  Here is another favorite column from Sharon Randall:

Fun thought to leave you with:

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  1. Hi Nancy,
    Thanks so much for the link love, and delighted to know you're a satisfied reader.
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    D. A.