Sunday, July 14, 2013


I can hardly believe I have been blogging for almost 14 months.  I will never forgot the scary feeling of hitting the PUBLISH button on my first post.  As my friends will attest, no one loves to discuss shopping and fashion more than me.  That said I started my blog hoping to learn from all of you on topics of major importance such as which brand carries the most flattering dark washed jeans?  Who makes cute and comfy shoes (still on safari for those and probably will be for the rest of my life)?  Is there really a lip stain that stays on for at least 4 hours?  Which stores and/or on line shopping sites offer stylish, age appropriate and affordable clothing for women over 40?  What are your favorite blogs?  I have so many questions and hope you do too.  Please take the time to share your "finds" and/or your questions in the comments section below or email me at

I am off to New York City for a short visit with a close friend.  Cannot wait to report back on all the fun and fabulous fashion I see and post some photos too.


  1. I love Tarte lip stains! and I think they last for more than 4 hours

  2. Congratulations on 14 months of blogging; I always enjoy reading your posts! Currently, my favorite brand of dark washed jeans is NYDJ. Still working on finding some cute, comfy shoes ... hoping they are out there somewhere. Have fun in NYC!!