Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I love Nordstroms, who doesn't?  I am always excited to be walking down Michigan Avenue in Chicago and entering this beautiful elegant store.  Yet I also often leave feeling a bit sad and confused.  How in the world could this happen to me,  the happiest shopper in the entire world?  It is because I don't think Nordstroms has a department for me;  a woman in mid-life (we will leave it there, no need to give specifics) who loves clothing and wants to look stylish.  I do not have a huge amount of disposable income to spend on my wardrobe but I have a few dollars tucked away here and there (be quiet Sue, you have been sworn to secrecy).  I read fashion magazines and blogs (again, lets just leave it at this, no one needs to know the specifics of time wasted each day).  I think I have an idea of what the trends are, which colors/styles have the best chance of being somewhat flattering and can accessorize with the best of them.  Yet why do I always leave this store empty handed?  I thinks its because there is not a department for ME and/or women like me.  Lets break it down using the store's descriptions of each department:


Edgy, of-the-moment looks for the confident, fashion-forward woman.

I want to be edgy with an "of the moment look" don't you? However there isn't a lot of places in my life (this is definitely my gift to world) that I can or should wear perforated leather shorts, midriff tops or jumpsuits.


Your destination for the best on-trend styles of the season.

I always am on safari for "on trend styles" but skinny jeans that cost $200.00, see through tees and cropped sweaters are not a trend that looks good on me nor is appropriate for my lifestyle (OK, my age but not my lifestyle either, so there).


A collection of the most sought-after styles that take you from desk to dinner with ease.

I sometimes leave work and meet my friends and/or husband for dinner so maybe this is where I should wander into.  Rebecca Minkoff, Tory Burch, Kate Spade-LOVE LOVE LOVE.  Unfortunately my measly paycheck (see last Friday's post) doesn't allow me to spend $300.00 on a blazer and if it did, then I absolutely would not be going out for dinner.


An inspiring mix of modern styles that combine versatility and value.

Who doesn't want modern style, versatility and value???  Sign me up.  That said, skirts that are 19 inches and dresses that are 35 inches respectively do not cover what should and NEEDS to be covered.  Leather peplums and studded graphic sweatshirts are not on my wardrobe wish list. 


Chic, sophisticated wardrobe essentials for work and weekend.

I think our wardrobe essentials should be investment pieces  we can wear for work or play but again I cannot justify Burberry jackets  that cost $750.00 or $350.00 Hugo Boss Black brand sweaters.  


Polished, put-together looks to keep your wardrobe current.

Here it is, I love the thought of  being polished and put together.  That said, I look at the studded jean jackets with rhinestones on the buttons, the grandma cardigans, the non iron loose fitting button down blouses and yes they may be great for my mom but please not for me...NOT YET.

So there you have it, why Nordstroms gets me excited but in the end always leaves me sad.  Its like the boyfriend you had at 20 that you always believed would change.  In all fairness, there are departments I do like and have made purchases i.e. accessories and cosmetics.  What about you, have you had a retail love affair that ended with a broken heart?  Please share your heartbreak in the comments section below.

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  1. I think I have a love affair with the Gap... but it often breaks my heart. There are few things that they get right - but lately jeans have been one of them. As I'm typing this, they will probably change their sizing, get rid of the Tall length, and start selling them in harem-pant look-a-likes. But... the rest of their clothes? Hit or miss. Does everyone remember the wool rainbow stripe sweater circa 2000? Gap used to be the best for preppy basics, and every couple of years their designers go a little crazy and start selling Bohemian styles, or weird fits, or they just stray too far from the basics, that I can't always count on the Gap for my go -to.... And I am secretly scared that J.Crew is getting too trendy and high end with their $900 overalls or bomber jackets.